BJP actively pushes for BBMP Polls in HSR Layout

The BBMP Today pushed quite a bit for its luck in BBMP Polls in HSR Layout by doing lots of door to door campaigning. One could see hordes of supporters urging residents to vote for BJP to bring about a change in the system again. What is still surprising is that neither AAP nor LokSatta has a similar push within the locality this time. The only other contender Congress, meanwhile has not bothered to do any sort of canvassing yet.

Being at the helm of affairs, Bangalore has been at the receiving end with the current government with no focus whatsoever on traffic management, or road works. No major infrastructural works have been taken up and daily commutes have been getting from bad to worse day after day. Further, the metro train still has not seen the light of the day with tardy progress and much is desired to be done yet. No one really understands the Mayor’s role in the upkeep of the city, and further the trifurcation of the BBMP has also been put on hold by the courts owing to polls. While dividing the BBMP will mean decentralization and better administration, with it comes also the usual scare of money pilferation and corruption leading to inaction as far as the city’s progress is concerned.

It will be interesting to see which party makes it to the BBMP and that will also set an important tone for the upcoming general elections in Karnataka. The state has always had a bad luck of conflicting parties ruling at the Centre and the State. And we will see better utilization of funds and better governance only when the centre and state have the same party in power. While the BJP goofed up last time, the Congress does not seem to have gone much ahead this time either.

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