BBMP Polls in HSR Layout show strong numbers

The BBMP polls that recently concluded had close to 50% voting in HSR layout ward. Generally the BBMP voting has been lacklustre primarily due to the reasons of people not having faith in the city’s development anymore and also due to a weekend. Somehow people seem to think that they need not attach much importance to these polls as compared to the lok sabha polls.

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Whatever be the case, with this kind of participation we are making it clear to candidates that we are not bothered about city’s development and this is a pain for us to go out and vote. This attitude is not right and will deprive us of an opportunity to select a correct leader for our ward. With results due shortly, its only anyone’s guess who will make it in which ward with all the tall promises they have in their manifesto.

Another question is about how the funds are going to be released for such developmental promises, but atleast the last time BJP winning when congress was in power, they still managed to show some development in the ward. Only time will tell what will be the case this time, but there are plenty of issues ranging from crime, to traffic problems which need urgent attention.

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